Transfer of SPVs for wind farms at 18MW in Brienza (PZ) and 16MW in Butera (CL)

June 27, 2017 News archive

PLC System Srl, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the PLC Group SPA, is pleased to announce that in May and June the transfer to AERR (Arpinge Energy Efficiency and Renewables Srl) of 100% of the SPVs relevant to the wind farms in Brienza (PZ) (18 MW) and Butera (CL) (16 MW) was finalized. AEER is a company covered by the National Social Security Funds for architects, engineers, surveyors, and industrial technicians.
Along with the transfer operation, the O&M agreements were undersigned, relevant to the plants controlled by PLC Service Srl for the next ten years, further reinforcing its already substantial order book.

The Brienza plant, which was entirely constructed by PLC System Srl, with a turnkey formula and owned by Burgentia Energia Srl, through which the financing project was finalized, along with the Butera plant, represent a concrete example of the flexibility that characterizes the strategy with which PLC System Srl operates for over twenty years in the sector of renewable energy.

The ability to attract the interest of very important national investors demonstrates the market leader position that the company has been able to achieve thanks to its professionalism, along with a respect for the environment and for the local community.